2019 Modern HST BOM

Welcome to my 2019 Modern HST Block of the Month! All BOM posts will be linked here for an easy reference.

What makes it modern?
All the details!
January 2019 Block
February 2019 Block
March 2019 Block
April 2019 Block
May 2019 Block
June 2019 Block
July 2019 Block
August 2019 Block
September 2019 Block
October 2019 Block
November 2019 Block
December 2019 Block (and final layout!)


  1. I'm interested in your BOM quilt blocks. Great idea thanks for sharing on Accuquilt FB page

  2. Thank you for bringing me here to "play" all year. I look forward to each one but only with my Accuquilt GO! since they are so nice to precut the corners.

  3. Hey Steph! Is there going to be a secret hidden block(s) when we are all done sewing them, or can we go ahead and sew them together as we complete them? Thanks!

  4. Joping the April block will be posted soon.

  5. Hello Steph, am I missing the location for the May block? Many thanks in - Debbie

    1. Debbie-

      I just updated the list with the link to the May block. I had posted it on my blog but forgot to link up here. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Thank you- guess I need to find your blog next...

  7. Please post your August and September Block so I may catch up. Thank You. I sure hope you get this.