January 1, 2019

Modern HST Block of the Month {January 2019}

The 2019 Modern HST BOM is here! Before I reveal the January 2019 block, remember that every monthly quilt block will use 16 of the same half-square triangle (HST) unit, and the entire quilt will use 192 of this same HST unit. Half of each HST will be your neutral/background color, and the other half will be your darker/colored/print fabric. (If you need detailed instructions on making HSTs, I highly recommend this post at Blossom Heart Quilts.)

I designed each monthly block using Electric Quilt 8. Even though I am trying to create unique HST quilt blocks, I'm sure many of my blocks already exist in the vast quilt block library. Please share the name if you recognize a block or if it looks like a variation of an existing block.

Without further ado, here is the January 2019 block!

Using the picture above as your guide, lay out your 16 HST blocks to match the orientation. I prefer to chain sew the blocks in columns one and two together and then sew the blocks in columns three and four together. The blocks in columns two and three are then sewn together. To help keep the blocks lined up in the correct order, I don't clip any the chain piecing threads. Just sew the rows together, and you're done. (If that makes absolutely no sense, don't worry! I'll have posts up soon on assembling the blocks.)

While our modern HST BOM sampler quilt will have 12 different blocks, it's fun to see what you can make just with this single HST block. Through the magic of Electric Quilt 8, twelve January blocks would make this modern, graphic quilt.

Through more EQ8 magic, I rotated every other block to create another modern HST beauty.
I love the fun pinwheels rotating the blocks makes.

Happy sewing!


  1. I love this block! And I really love the look of both single block quilts! I'm going to have to put that on my project list!

  2. Thank you, I love modern quilt patterns!

  3. I completed my block, but it's measuring at 16.5 How can I make it a 16 in. ? Or should I leave the single block at 16.5 ?

  4. Isn't that 1/2" the seam allowance? Just asking.