May 2, 2012

just three {May}

It's May so it's time for 3 more goals with traceyjay quilts!

traceyjay quilts

First, a review of progress on my April goals:
  1. Give machine binding a try and bind my rainbow Road Trip Quilt.  Done!
  2. Finish hand sewing a binding on a quilt.  So not done.  Now that I tried and succeeded with machine binding, hand binding seems dreadfully awful.
  3. Add borders to a Central Park disappearing nine patch panel and make the quilt sandwich.  I ended up finishing the whole quilt!  (This makes up for not completing goal #2, right?)
For May:
  1. Make a quilt with my polka dot pinwheel blocks.
  2. Sandwich, quilt and bind another quilt top that's been sitting in the pile for over a year.
  3. Make at least one simple strip quilt top using fabrics from my stash.  I'm making good on a goal to donate some blankets to Project Linus.


  1. Way to go Steph! I would say you did amazing in April!! I love the polka dot pinwheels, I'm thinking of doing the same with rainbow charms from a swap. I love the way yours look, excited to see how they come together!

  2. Wonderful goals! They all seem attainable. (and I've been handsewing the binding on a quilt for over a month... it is king-sized though, and I get carpal tunnel from hand stitching)...
    Can't wait to see the pinwheel blocks, too cute... and the Central Park quilt turned out beautiful! Thanks for linking up!

  3. (and did you know we have almost the same last name? But I'm a JacobsEn... :)