April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It has been weeks since I blogged for WIP Wednesday.  I've been sort of productive, so I want to share!

Completed Projects:

I also made a few bibs for a friend who is pregnant with her first child and due in August.  I love quick and easy projects.

Ongoing Projects:
Umm, everything in my craft room. :) (They're on the floor, hidden in bins, thrown over the backs of chairs, sitting on the ironing board. . .)

New Projects:
Why does getting a few projects completed compel me to start a bunch of new ones?

I made an "I spy" quilt top using some of the charms from the fabric swap I hosted.  (But no pictures yet.)

A stack of half-square triangles for pinwheel blocks using the charms from Knotted-Thread's polka dot swap.

A swimsuit for myself.  I made the bottoms and they actually turned out okay, but my fabric is a little sheer and I didn't make a full lining since the pattern didn't say to.  It was good practice, though, and with a few minor adjustments to the pattern they should fit pretty well.  Good thing I bought extra fabric!  I bought the fabric back in January and my motivation for finishing it is Ricochet and Away's "I Will Wear it in Public" Sewing Challenge.

Proof that I can be productive if I just turn the computer off!

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