August 10, 2010

superhero cape

I am always telling myself I don't have enough time to craft after working full-time and entertaining a 3&1/2 year old when I'm not working (and cleaning just enough to keep the house liveable). I'm constantly looking for new blogs and ideas and have so many projects bookmarked. The truth is, if I spent a lot less time looking for projects on the computer or watching TV and just started some of these projects, I'd get a lot more done. (One of the excuses I use for not starting a project is I don't have the right color thread on my sewing maching. Seriously?! It only takes 30 seconds to change the thread!) Anyway, this morning I decided I was going to make my son a superhero cape using this tutorial from Puking Pastilles. I purchased some navy blue remnants awhile ago for the cape and everything else I had in my sewing stash. I think my total cost was probably less than $2.

The only things I would do differently next time is make the applique smaller and use lighter-weight fabric for the applique. The applique is supposed to be an "L" for my son's name. He wasn't that excited about the cape, but maybe he's just not in a superhero mood today. Thanks for looking!


  1. Very cute! I purchased SuperFly capes a few years ago for my boys. After seeing your post, I might just have to make them new ones with their initials.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Super cute! I love the initial on the back. I need to add one of these to my to-do. Thasnk for sharing - fantastic job! Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn