December 13, 2020

2021 Modern HST BOM {By the Numbers!}

Hello! I'm back with some more information to help prepare for the 2021 Modern HST BOM. Just like Santa, I've made a list and checked it twice! (And hopefully didn't make any counting or math errors.) Before I list out how many of each block unit you will need for the entire year, let's get up to speed with some quilty vocabulary.

HST: half square triangle

BOM: block of the month

Large HST: This is the main size of HST you will use for your blocks. Common sizes are 4" (finished) and 6" (finished), but you can choose whatever size you like. The HSTs are made up of 2 different fabrics. To really maximize the modern aesthetic of the completed quilt top, I recommend using one fabric that really stands out as your "focus" fabric and a lighter/neutral/solid for the "background" fabric. Zina and I will be using our African print fabrics from Quilt Africa Fabrics as our focus fabrics.

Small HST: This is new for 2021 and will help us achieve our modern theme of scale! After you choose your size for your large HSTs, the finished size your small HSTs will be need to be half the finished size of your large HSTs. So, if you're making 4-1/2" (4" finished) large HSTs, your small HSTs need to be 2-1/2" (2" finished). Likewise, if you're making 6-1/2" (6" finished) large HSTs, your small HSTs need to be 3-1/2" (3" finished). 

Focus Square: These squares will be in your main/focus fabric and the same size as your large HSTs.

Background Square: These squares will be in your background/neutral fabric and the same size as your large HSTs. many of all these block units will you need? Here's a handy chart so you can start cutting and sewing!

Large HSTs

Small HSTs

Focus Squares

Background Squares

12 Monthly Blocks





4 Bonus Blocks





Grand Total





I know the BIG question everyone has is how much fabric do you need??? For those of you that are quilt-math inclined, this should help you start calculating what you need. For those of you that don't quilt math (that includes me!), I'll have a post up soon to help you figure it out.

Are we excited yet? I know I am!