December 10, 2020

2021 Modern HST BOM {Choosing Your Size!}

One of the great things about the Modern HST BOMs is the flexibility to choose what size blocks (and quilt) you want to make. For 2021, the completed quilt will use two different sizes of blocks. 

Six of the blocks will be made up of 12 HSTs (and sometimes squares).

The other six blocks will be made up of 16 HSTs (and sometimes squares).

If you decide to use 4" (finished) HSTs/squares, your blocks will measure 12" x 16" (finished) and 16" x 16" (finished). Want a BIG quilt? Using 6" (finished) HSTs/squares will give you finished blocks measuring 18" x 24" and 24" x 24". We will have 4 optional bonus blocks again this year, so your completed quilt can have either 12 or 16 blocks. does this translate to the finished quilt size? Without giving too much away, if you're planning on just making the 12 monthly blocks, your completed quilt top will be 12 block units (HSTs and squares) across and 14 block units down. Using 4" finished HTSs/squares will give you a completed quilt top approximately 48" x 56". Using 6" finished HSTs/squares will give you a completed quilt top approximately 72" x 84". If you decide to make all 16 blocks, your completed quilt top will be 14 block units across and 16 block units down. Those 4" finished HSTs/squares will make a top approximately 56" x 64", and those 6" finished block units will make a top approximately 84" x 96". 

Again this year, I'll be using 4" finished HSTs and squares, and Zina will be using 6" finished HSTs and squares. We're both making all 16 blocks. (I mean, we kind of have to!) It's time to start thinking about what size block YOU want to make! I'll have a post up soon with the total number of each kind of block (HST, squares...and a little surprise) you will need so we can start discussing fabric requirements!


  1. I am new to this. What is HSTs and BOM?

    1. Hi Laurie! HST is an abbreviates for half square triangle, and BOM is an abbreviation for block of the month.

  2. Half Square Triangles and Block of the Month. It will be soooo fun!!