April 25, 2020

cloth face covers

It's been almost 10 years since my last Etsy sale (waaaay back in my card-making days), and I'm happy to announce I'll be listing handmade fabric face covers and button headbands in my Etsy shop!

I know face masks have been a hot topic lately. Initially I was so annoyed by making masks. I'm a quilter. Everything was strange and surreal. My husband and I are (fortunately) still working, and my son is navigating online/remote schooling mostly on his own. I did not want to make masks. I progressed through lots of weird, grief-like feelings. Eventually the bottom line for me is I am blessed with sewing skills and a LOT of fabric. People I love needed masks so I made masks. I've made and given masks to friends, family and local organizations in need. I'm also currently making masks for Nebraska Medicine using blue surgical draping provided by the hospital. 

I even loaned a sewing machine to a college friend and taught her how to sew masks via Zoom. She hasn't sewn since 8th grade Home Ec but felt the need to do something for her community. (We've had a great time connecting frequently via Zoom and text messages.)

Up to this point, I haven't made any available for sale but recently decided to start listing fabric face covers for in my Etsy shop. As states start to loosen restrictions while recommending or requiring people to cover their faces, I want to provide an affordable face cover to those looking to purchase one. They aren't fancy, but they are well-made. If you, your friends, or your family are looking for fabric face covers, I'd love to help you out. My masks are based on the pleated Deaconess mask pattern and have jersey knit (t-shirt) ties since elastic is in pretty short supply. (Personally, I feel the knit ties are more comfortable and adjustable for a better fit.)

For more information on wearing fabric face covers, check out this information from the CDC.


  1. I have made some but stopped to catch up on things I wanted to do. I will get back to it. It drives me nuts that we are in this situation...so much could have been so much better. Hope you and yours stay safe.

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