December 14, 2016

Reviving the blog...again...

If you follow me on Instagram (@stephkucera), you may have seen my post tonight about blogs and blogging. Blogging is a lot of work...the pictures, the hyperlinks, the witty/intelligent writing. Instagram is much easier...take a pic, add a caption, throw in some hashtags. Wham, bam, done. Every so often, I think about reviving my blog. So. Much. Work.

Today I was perusing Instagram which eventually led me to the blog of Pinkadot Quilts. I lost track of how much time I spent reading her posts. I was inspired. I miss the in-depth info and connections you get from blogging. (I seriously feel like Pinkadot Quilts and I are friends now. Or at least we should be.) Don't get me wrong. I love Instagram, and I have met some amazing new quilty friends there. It doesn't have the negative vibe of Facebook. (The election is over...can we please move on.)

So this evening I took another look at my blog. I updated the header with pictures of my favorite projects that make me happy. Maybe they'll make somebody else happy, too. I updated my blog with a more clean and simple look. I expanded my description to include more about who I think I am. I looked at a few of the (very old) tutorials I posted years ago. Guess what? I had forgotten about (but really like) those fabric gift bags I made in 2011, and since I have a record of how I made them, I (and you!) can easily make more.

I know I say this every year or so, but I'm going to give this blogging thing another try. And since blog posts need pictures, I leave you with this one. Last weekend I took my son to a kids' Christmas ornament craft day at The Makery. He specifically chose the ornament crafts that required using a hot glue gun. I love this boy.


  1. Welcome back! I don't do instgram, but my blog has been on hiatus for a while now, too.

  2. It really IS more time consuming to maintain a blog. You summed up what goes into it pretty well. I was astonished when I finally got around to instagramming and found an explosion of quilting there. So I'm all in with that and will link back to my blog.

    One thing I'm doing now to help make blogging easier is keeping a running list every month of what there is that would make a good blog post, a blank line next to each 1 through 30/31 that I can jot a couple words in as it comes to mind. That's really helped me in December. It still takes time to create a post, but at least I'm not lacking for 'inspiration.'

    Happy New Year!