October 24, 2012

wip Wednesday {10/24/12}

What does one do when one has a very long sewing to-do list? Why start a new project, of course!

I am in love with the Riley Blake line of chevron fabrics. (And the polka dots, too.) I picked up a bunch of prints for my coworker's baby blanket and decided to get a few yards of the large chevron prints. The large chevrons are perfect for a whole cloth baby quilt. The chevron is printed the length of the fabric which is parallel to the selvage. I purchased one yard, flipped it on it's side (I'm sure that broke so many quilting rules), and trimmed it up to a piece approximately 35 inches wide by 42 inches long. I backed it with some crazy bright orange Kona and am quilting the chevron pattern at various intervals in the white spaces. (Yet another bonus of using high-quality designer fabric is the pattern is actually printed evenly. I can follow the chevron print and my lines are straight!) The original plan was to also quilt in the gray areas but I could not find gray thread that was anywhere close to the right color. I think I'll bind it in a navy blue polka dot then it's off to my brother who needs a gift for his neighbor's new baby boy. (I always find it funny when family members ask me if I have any extra quilts I'd be willing to sell. I never have any extra finished quilts. But if you're looking for an unfinished quilt top or quilts in various stages of done-ness then I'm your go-to person!)

After not getting a chance to do any sewing this past weekend it feels good to sit down at the sewing machine again. For now it's time to put the quilts away and sew a Halloween costume--I've got a 5-year-old son who wants to be a Lego Ninjago. (The red one in case you were wondering.) Happy sewing!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

And unrelated to sewing, I volunteered to provide a trunk for my son's school Trunk or Treat. (I really have to stop volunteering for stuff!) If you have any suggestions for a creative way to decorate a trunk, please share!

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