March 21, 2012

one more bundle

If you're looking for a rainbow fabric charm swap, there's one here at Adventures in Obsessive Crafting.
* * *
I wanted to make one more fabric bundle for the monkey do contest.  And then I'll stop.  Before it becomes a problem.  This one was inspired by some colorful scribbling by my 5 year old.  (I realize this is not a work of art by any stretch but I saved the paper because I love the color combination he used and thought it would make a pretty baby quilt.)

My fun fabric bundle:
Row 1:
metro living circles in orange
jewels in blue
pearl bracelet in green

Row 2:
truck stop dot in blue
mono pez in orange
dash stripe in blue bell

Row 3:
jewels in green
pirate grid in blue
woodlands woodgrain in orange

Row 4:
tutor stripe in orange
cross hatch in green
dot to dot in aqua

Okay.  Now on to sorting fabric for my i spy charm swap!

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