March 25, 2011

baby bibs

I have a friend who is expecting a baby boy in July and I want to give her a whole stash of handmade baby goodies.  I figured I better get started now.  I found this great pattern for a baby bib at chickpea studio.  After deconstructing thrifted men's dress shirts for various other projects, I had several leftover shirt sleeves which were perfect for the bib fronts.  (I only buy the 99 cent shirts, so using both sleeves you can get two bib front for less than $1.)  So I went into baby bib production. . .

I used some clearance bath towels I found at Target ($1.34 for a 2-pack) for the backing (except for one that is backed in flannel because I had my layers in the wrong order so the towel ended up on the inside).  I added a layer of flannel (scraps from my stash) in the middle to make the bibs a little thicker.    

I added ties to a couple of them using the tie template from Crap I've Made.  So cute!

I don't have closures on them yet.  I finally broke down and bought the Kam plastic snap pliers and a supply of plastic snaps.  I'm just waiting for everything to arrive.  I tried using the metal snaps from the fabric store but it didn't work so well.  Velcro probably would have been a less expensive and easier alternative, but I'd already decided I really wanted a snap closure.  The only problem with all this baby sewing is it really makes me want another baby. :)

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  1. This is darling! What a great idea! I may copy you :)

    I am your newest follower!



  2. This is awesome! What a super cute idea. I found you on the csi project

  3. This is such a great idea. I made some for my nephew -- they are not as nice as yours, but I think they do the trick.