February 19, 2011

patchwork pillow

Remember this cute Cloud 9 blanket I made for my son?  There is also a cute little bunting tutorial.  I'd show you the coordinating bunting I made for my son's room, but it's still not done and I started it almost a year ago.  I have all the bunting pieces cut out and a few are even sewn together.  After cutting all the pieces I was left with several scraps like this:

I knew the scraps could eventually be used for something and pillow month at Sew, Mama, Sew! provided the perfect opportunity.  I decided to use just the prints and played around with the pieces until I found a layout I liked:

I started sewing them together:

Until I had two panels:

At this point I forgot to stop sewing and take pictures.  Basically, I evened up the edges of my panels and cut each panel in half lengthwise so I had four strips.  I then arranged the strips until I found a pattern I liked and sewed the strips together:

I realize very few of the points match up correctly.  I didn't start with pieces that had been precisely cut so I guess I couldn't expect much.  I evened up the edges again and was pleasantly surprised to discover I had a 16 inch square.  What are the chances of that happening?  For my pillow top, I used my panel, a layer of cotton batting, and a layer of white muslin.  The pillow back is a coordinating blue chambray.  I used a 16-inch pillow form which made for a snug-fitting cover, but I like the end result.

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