February 21, 2011

a little spring. . .

. . .on a dreary February day.

This is my first attempt at a disappearing nine patch which I worked on over the weekend (in addition to free-motion quilting another blanket and binding a third blanket).  I used 36 squares from a Moda Central Park charm pack.  It's much busier than anything I've ever made before, but I think it will make an adorable little baby blanket/play mat.  Not that I have any need for a girly baby blanket, but I couldn't resist the bright, happy fabrics.  I think I'll end up using it as a center panel, and this will be the first square blanket I've made.  I've decided when it comes to quilt-making, I really enjoy picking out the fabrics and piecing them together which is why I have 5 quilt tops and 0 quilts.  The quilting part I don't enjoy so much--probably because it takes me so long!  I don't even mind hand stitching the binding.  So what is your favorite/least favorite part of the quilt-making process?

1 comment:

  1. Adorable quilt top! I think I've fallen in love with the disappearing 9-patch of late and it looks fabulous here. :)

    And to answer the question...erm... I probably dislike binding the most. Because getting the corners right gives me fits every single time.