April 23, 2010

freezer paper and bleach. . .

It sounds like a crazy combination.  Yesterday, my son and I made a pirate shirt using a jolly roger template at Crap I've Made.  I may become addicted to freezer paper stenciling.  Aside from a few little issues, the shirt turned out great--

Of course I ripped a hole in the shirt trying to remove the pocket.  I have a tremendous amount of experience with a seam ripper so I should have known better.  I was so excited that I had made it to the last few stitches without making a hole that I ended up making a hole.  So I had to do a little patch job, and it's barely noticeable.  There were also a few edges of the stencil that I didn't iron enough so a little bit of bleach had started to seep under the paper.  But my son is three and doesn't notice these minor imperfections and thinks his mom is pretty awesome for making him a pirate shirt.  Thanks for looking!