July 9, 2009

365 Cards Days 128 & 130

I'm trying to make cards for all the 365 Cards challenges this week, but I'm already behind! I've got two to share for now. For 365 Cards Day 130 - That Tickles Me, the challenge is to make a humorous card. My sense of humor is usually a little on the mean/sarcastic side, so while I personally find my card funny, others may not see the humor.

I had this card idea for awhile and used part of an Old Navy bag I had been saving forever. I used my computer to print a sentiment inside:

For 365 Cards Day 129 - Card Recipe: 1 5x5 card, 1 Rub-on image (I only have rub-on sentiments so I used a "Happy Birthday" rub-on), 2 buttons, 1 Piece of patterned paper, 1 Piece of ribbon - NO BOW, 1 Sentiment inside the card (I used my computer to print a little message).

I made this card for my friend. We have the same birthday, so I always try to make a special "birthday buddy" card. I think she'll find the message inside funny (You're special! I don't share my birthday with just anybody.)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Both cards are great, but I have to say I LOVE your funny card...a bit blunt, but hey, whatever works! ;)

  2. I love your simple, clean style. The old card cracked me up! I need to steal that idea as all my sibs are slowly turning 60 and beyond... I love being the "little" sister and rubbing it in.

  3. I am not OLD! (I'm chronologically challenged)

    Love it! My hubby's turning 50 next year, and either I go sappy or funny. I'm thinkin' funny. I may 'borrow' your idea for his card! :)

  4. Love your old navy card, how clever! I shall consider using your idea for my daughter next year when she turns 25. She likes Old navy.