March 21, 2009

365 Cards--Catching Up on Week #3

I had to work today, so I was limited on time to catch up on this week's challenges. After getting home, playing with my son, reading a lot of books, bathtime, and eating dinner, I took a little time to make the last two cards. Here's my card for Day 20 - Inside Out--

I used a star punch to make the little see-through border on the bottom. I love that the card looks kind of plain from the outside but kind of fancy on the inside.

I also whipped up a card for Day #21 - Sing Along Saturday. I also really like the song "Stand by Me" and feel like this card reflects that theme--

I made the stamp at one of my Omaha Etsy team meetings last year. I haven't used it since I made it, but I thought the tree image was fitting for the sentiment which I printed using my computer. It's clean and simple, but it would be a great card to show somebody your support. Thanks for looking!


  1. Fantastic cards!! Both are just beautiful and the Lean on Me card is just perfect for the challenge. Great job!

  2. Both of your cards turned out great for the challenges!

  3. What a wonderful job you did on both of these challenges. I especially like the inside out card. Great job.

    Debbie/Phx AZ

  4. Great job on both cards....I really like the DAD card!!

  5. I love those punched stars and that tree!! You made it yourself which totally rocks! YOu did a great job with these challenges!