March 19, 2009

2S4Y Kazan's Sketch 22

It took me several tries to complete my card for Kazan's Sketch over at 2S4Y. I finally decided that clean and simple was what worked for this Father's Day card for my dad--

I used my computer and printer to make the sentiment. It was something I saw on a picture frame at Hallmark a few years ago. The original wording had "Grandpa," but my dad is a "Papa" so I used that instead. I think he'll like it.

This week, we were also invited to share a card our child(ren) made. Logan and I sat down on Tuesday morning so he could make this card for Daddy's birthday next month--

Pretty good for a two year old considering I didn't help him that much (except for the cutting and applying the glue). He first colored the card (front, back, AND on the inside). He then picked out the paper pieces and die cuts he wanted to use from my scrap box. I put on the glue, and he showed me where to place them. His favorite part was the glitter glue. We had a lot of fun, and I look forward to many future art projects. Thanks for looking!


  1. That is a fantastic sentiment Steph - think I will use it for my dad too if you don't mine - he will be promoted to Grampie ;) Logan is super talented. It amazes me that a 2 year old has such focus to make a fantastic card - you should be proud!

  2. Your card is great momma! Love the greeting. And I love Logan's card. What a big boy...his daddy is going to LOVE it. I also have a 2-year-old son and these shared moments are just the greatest aren't they?

  3. Love both of the cards...Logan did a spectacular did you too :)

  4. what fabulous cards! I love, love, LOVE the sentiment on yours. Logan's is just priceless...i love the coloring and all the perfect little touches he added!!

  5. What a great Papa card :) Love the colors. Great work Logan I love your card :)

  6. Your daddy is going to LOVE this card. My favorite part... the painting!!! I LOVE it so so much, very artistic!!

    Steph, your card is gorgeous, perfect for a man!!