December 3, 2008

My Christmas Cards

I finally finished this year's Christmas cards, and they're almost ready to mail out. I like making a photo card of my little one to show how much he's grown. These cards were very economical until it came to the photo. I ordered 60 prints in glossy and disliked them so much I reordered 60 more prints in matte. I'll know for next year! The cardstock was from the clearance section at Archiver's. I had to use two different shades of blue because there wasn't enough of one color. The patterned papers are from an old Provo Craft slab (I think it's Provo Craft), and I was surprised how well they matched the cardstock I bought. I like the nontraditional Christmas colors. It took FOREVER to get a cute pic of my son. He's almost two and won't sit still for anything! I like the way everything coordinates--including the brown cardstock and ribbon that matches his hair. I even bought him a new shirt to match the cards (on clearance, of course). I stamped the inside with some new $1 holiday sentiment stamps from Michael's. One more holiday task completed! Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

  1. OMG!!!!!!! those are completely *GORGEOUS*...of course...with said young supermodel lad as your star, it'd've been hard to go wrong...but i LOVE your design and all the details that make it extra-cool!

    (like the tiny contrasting dark brown mat...i would NEVER have thought of that...and it absolutely *POPS* the card!!! brilliant!)