December 26, 2023

A Return to Blogging

Since I took 2023 off from hosting a BOM, it's been an entire YEAR since I shared anything here on my blog. While my Instagram is great for quickly posting things, it is difficult to go back and find what I'm looking for in my feed, and quite often, there aren't a lot of details about a project. I'm going to attempt to share more here in 2024. Going along with my 2024 intention that I'll post on January 1, I'll be spending a lot of time decluttering and organizing my sewing space...again. (Were you around for the #organizedsewingspace2017 attempt?) Photographic evidence that the state of my sewing room is as messy as ever.

During the decluttering and organizing, I'll be finishing up projects so they can head off to more useful places than my overly-full sewing room. I'll be sharing those completed projects here along with tips I've picked up throughout my years of sewing and quilting.

Due to my work schedule and time constraints, I've decided not to host another BOM again this year. I am currently writing quilt block patterns for a beginner sampler quilt for my 4-H quilt club, and I will be posting those as free downloads available in my Payhip shop. If you are a beginner sewer/quilter, want an simple project to work on, or know someone that wants to learn how to quilt, feel free to sew along with me and my 4-H students! My 4-H club meets the third Tuesday or each month, and I'm challenging myself to have the patterns for that month complete and uploaded to Payhip during the first week of each month.

Happy sewing!

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