November 19, 2020

a happy mail project

My 13-year-old son Logan is in 9th grade and will be confimred in the spring of 2021. (We're Catholic.) In preparation for confirmation, candidates complete community service projects. In this time of Covid, finding service project opportunites have been difficult! After a lot of thinking, some doubts that we can pull this off, and just enough positive signs to convince us that this is something we need to son and I are starting a happy mail project!

To start, we're focusing on those individuals that are isolated and feeling lonely due to the current pandemic. If you have a friend or loved one that could use a handmade card and handwritten note to brighten there day, please provide their information on this Google Doc. (I promise my son and I will ONLY use their name and address to send them some happy mail.) Depending on the response, I may make the form unavailable from time to time so we can get caught up.

If your happy mail nominee is religious, I would be happy to include a fabric prayer pocket. (There's a place to indicate this on the form, so I will only send one if requested.) The form has a spot to include any info about the recipient that may help us in our note writing. 

Thank you for your help! 

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