November 3, 2019

Island Batik October 2019 {Top it Off}

The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik and Hobbs.

My October Island Batik Ambassador project was to make a applique holiday-themed table topper or table runner. I'm a few days late because I had a bit of trouble coming up with a project idea. My kitchen table is usually too cluttered to properly display a table topper or table runner. I don't do a lot of holiday decorating because I'm not a fan of undecorating and storing said decorations. While I do enjoy applique every once in awhile, it's definitely not one of my favorite techniques. All that being said, one of my favorite aspects of the Island Batik Ambassador Program is being challenged and having the opportunity to try things I normally wouldn't try on my own.

Now back to my project...I was at Dollar Tree and had a light bulb moment of gluing my beautiful Island Batik scraps to a felt snowflake I found. It would be scrappy! And fabulous! It was genius! And how often can you make a project using scraps you find on your sewing room floor?

After the glue dried, my plan was to trim the fabric even with the edges of the felt snowflake. That didn't work AT ALL, and this project ended up in the trash. 

I'm sharing this because it's totally ok to have an idea, give it go, and not have it work out. This version of my idea didn't work, but I'll be trying it again using a different method.

At this point, I was still in need of a project so I went back to the drawing board. I decided I would prefer to make a project that could work for multiple holidays and used my go-to applique scrappy bunting technique on Island Batik white solid fabric. I don't always applique, but when I do, it's raw-edge applique.

I appliqued "celebrate" to it, and it's the perfect table topper for birthdays or any other day with something special to celebrate!

I'll probably go back and add some more quilting, and I think it needs a binding...even though that means making bias binding. I used Hobbs polyester batting which is nice and lofty so some more quilting would definitely pop.

Thanks for stopping by! What do you have to celebrate today?


  1. You are terrific showing your botched attempt. I love that you tried and are not yet disuaded. The end project is terrific and cheery for any holiday or celebration....a win win!

  2. This is a really fun project, and it's even great for any reason you want to celebrate! Good for you for persevering!