January 5, 2018

#plusblockQAL...cutting your jelly roll

For those of you that have decided to use a jelly roll for the #plusblockQAL, here are some instructions for quickly cutting up your fabric. Each jelly roll strip will make 3 pluses. Fabrics in a jelly roll are often duplicated. If you have two matching strips, you can use your leftover pieces from the strips and cut an additional plus...so 7 pluses from 2 jelly roll strips.

I leave my jelly roll folded. (Yes...that probably breaks all the quilting rules!) From your folded strip:

  • remove the selvedges
  • cut three 2.5-inch squares (since the strip is folded you have 6 squares)
  • cut one 6.5-inch by 2.5-inch rectangle (since the strip is folded you have 2 rectangles)
  • take your leftover piece and proceed to step 2

  • unfold your leftover piece and press the fabric to remove the crease where it was folded
  • cut one additional 2.5-inch by 6.5-inch rectangle
  • the remaining fabric can go in your scrap bin or you can pair it with a matching leftover piece to cut one additional plus

That's it! You'll have your jelly roll cut up in no time!

I also had a question on how much background fabric is needed. I'm terrible at calculating fabric requirements since I'm not good at quilty math and I almost always make scrappy projects. (I cut what I have. If I run out, I buy more fat quarters!) I did find this AWESOME fabric calculator online. You can enter your fabric width, the size of pieces you need to cut and how many pieces you need and the calculator will figure your yardage for you!!!

There are already so many great posts on Instagram with everybody's progress. Check out the hashtag #plusblockQAL to see what everybody is making and for more info on the quilt-a-long!

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