September 29, 2017

It's time...the Red Cross Fundraiser Quilt!

One month ago, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and I had this crazy idea of making a quilt to help raise funds for the American Red Cross. I shared my idea and asked for help on Instagram. I expected responses of "you can't do that," "that's too much work," and "it's not possible". Instead I received responses of "I love it!" "I'm in!" and "How can I help?" My goal was to receive 42 red cross quilt blocks. In a time span of two weeks, I received 65. In just under a month this beautiful top was complete.

Don't you love how quilt tops kinda look like stained glass?

Now we need your help! For each $10 donation you make online to the American Red Cross, you will receive one entry into a drawing to win this quilt. For reals. 

The quilt is just a top at the moment, but it will be completed by the conclusion of the donation period (Friday, October 14, 2017). It will measure approximately 88" x 88" when complete. It will be longarm quilted by me using Warm & White cotton batting, an awesome pieced backing, and hand-stitched binding.

So how do you get in on this super-sweet fundraising adventure?
  1. Make an online donation to the American Red Cross between Friday, September 29, 2017 and midnight CST on Friday, October 14, 2017. This initial purpose of this fundraiser was to raise money for Hurricane Harvey. There are now many areas of need so you choose where your donation goes. (Doing this through the Red Cross website ensures ALL of your tax-deductible donations are going DIRECTLY to the Red Cross.)
  2. After making your donation, either forward a copy of your receipt from the Red Cross or take a screen shot and email it to You will receive one entry for every $10 donation made. Emailing me this info is your "ticket" for the drawing...I have no way of knowing you donated unless you do this! Include your name and email address. If you'd like to include where you're from, that is great but not required unless you are the lucky winner of the drawing. (Please, please, please...don't "fake" a donation. A lot of generous people donated a lot of time, effort and resources in making this quilt happen.) All emails will be deleted and the email account closed after the fundraising period. Your name and email address will not be shared with anyone. Ever. Promise.
  3. One winner will be drawn on Saturday, October 15, 2017. The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to reply with his/her mailing address. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, another winner will be drawn.
  4. While donations from anywhere in the world are welcome, I am only able to select a winner from and ship the quilt within the US. (I apologize, but quilts are expensive to ship, and I cannot afford international shipping. Plus I don't know all the "rules" about fundraisers/drawings/raffles in other countries, and I definitely don't wanna get in trouble!)
  5. After you donate (and even if you can't donate at this time), please consider sharing this on social media! Use the hashtag #hhredcrossquilt to help spread the word! 
It's not a scam. One donor will win this awesome quilt. I love quilting, and I love helping others...I'm one happy gal when quilting helps others.

This is me. I really like quilting.

Thank you!


  1. You rock. What an awesome thing to do.

  2. Yeah!!! Thanks for getting this going!!! I will share this post with my family and friends!