February 1, 2017

rainbow diamond quilt blocks

For the #inspiredquiltproject, we're going to make beautiful, rainbow half-square triangle diamonds. One pattern. One beautiful, scrappy, rainbow color scheme. One whole year. Lots and lots and lots (I'm hoping!) of beautiful quilts to brighten the lives of those that need it.

For each block, you will need:

#8 print charm squares (5") in rainbow colors

#8 low-volume charm squares (5") in pale grays/whites/creams

Sew each print charm to one low-volume charm to make half-square triangles. Trim each HST to 4.5" square. 
If needed, you can find instructions on making half-square triangles here(I recently found this tutorial for trimming HSTs on Pinterest...why had I never thought of it?!) Assemble your HSTs into blocks as shows above.

Each block will measure 16.5" when completed. You don't need to trim it. Just send it to me, and I will sew them together!
Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Of course back in January 2016 I thought I was being super original with this HST quilt block pattern. Of course the amazing Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company did it first. If you're the type that prefers YouTube videos, please check out her great Four Seasons Block video here. My apologies! While the block layout in the MSQC's video I linked to is the same, it shows a different way to make HSTs, and those HSTs end up smaller than what is needed for this particular block! 

 I'm in the process of getting a post office box that you can mail your blocks to. I'll have an address for you in the next few days!


  1. Epic HST tutorial is a fantastic idea for accuracy and saving time! Thanks for that -

  2. What a beautiful idea! I make and donate quilts to Project Linus on a regular basis. It brings me joy to make the quilts, and then more joy knowing the quilts will be loved by someone who needs comfort.