April 1, 2016

do. Good Stitches {April blocks}

I've been contemplating a scrappy/bright/low-volume/HST quilt idea for awhile. I figured since I'm the quilter in April for the PEACE circle of do. Good Stitches, this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what the finished top will look like, but I'm excited to give this idea a try!)

I'm slightly addicted to the scrappy, bright+low-volume color scheme, so we're going to use it again...even though we just used it in January.

Everyone will make 3 or 4 8.5 inch blocks using the following options:

Block Option 1:

    • Sew a print 5" square to one low-volume 5" square to make half-square triangles. Trim each HST to 4.5" square. (Don't forget about this amazing tutorial for trimming HSTs.)
    • Make 2 4.5" half-square triangles using a bright print and a low-volume fabric
    • Add 2 low-volume 4.5" squares to get this layout:

Block Option 2:

    • Make 4 4.5" half-square triangles using as above
    • Lay them out in any pleasing HST arrangement. Some examples are shown below:

Block Option 3:
    • Make 8.5" half-square triangles. I started with two 9" squares (one bright print and one low-volume fabric), made my HSTs and trimmed down to 8.5". Two blocks done! So easy:

If you are as addicted to HSTs as I am, feel free to make as many blocks as you like. I will use them all to make quilt(s) for Project Linus.


The Thompsons said...

This will be fun to see what the final product will look like

Mohammad Salauddin said...

very nice work. hanks for sharing.
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