February 25, 2015

Valentine's Day Wrap Up (and a parenting fail)

I know Valentine's Day was a few weeks ago, but I wanted to post the cute cards and box my son and I made. For once, I was thinking ahead when I spotted some fun little eye rings in the Christmas clearance at Michaels. With some computer-generated tags, cardstock, and twist ties, we made these cute Valentine's Day cards for my son to give his classmates.

After much debate and deliberation, my son decided he wanted to make Picachu Valentine's Day box. Over the years, I've been much better about letting him make things on his own. (It was a very difficult transition for me since I'm a total type A personality. Yeah...I'm pretty much a control freak.) He did a fantastic job and was very proud of his finished box.

He made the whole thing by himself and even came up with the genius idea of taping toothpicks to the back of the foam tail and ears so he could poke them in the box. I was pretty impressed.

Now...onto the parenting fail. In our search for a box to use, the only thing I could find around the house was a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita box. (Of course that would be the only box I had available.) No worries. I was a super-smart mom, so I deconstructed the box, flipped it inside out and hot glued it back together. That way no alcohol-themed messages would show through the yellow duct tape. (And you wonder where my son gets his crafting genius from.) He made his box. It was freaking adorable. The morning of the party we realized there was no slot to put the cards in. I cut a sizable hole in the back which very clearly revealed a lot of Bud Light Lime-A-Rita graphics. Awesome. I was going to send my son to school with a Valentine's Day box that could quite possibly get him suspended. So minutes before we're due to walk out the door, I'm frantically duct taping the inside of his box to cover up the offending wording. He made it through the party, didn't get suspended, and still has a clean record. Mental note to save a shoe box for next year's project. 

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