February 13, 2013

some a-maze-ing Valentines

My son is in kindergarten, and this past weekend we started making his Valentine's Day cards. There are so many cute ideas out there for kids' Valentine's Day cards (I pinned a lot!) but I really liked these maze cards. (I'm sure there are other versions out there, but those are the first ones I saw.) Here's our version with some for the boys:

Some for the girls:

And one for his teacher:

The teacher thought it would be good writing practice if the kids wrote the names on their cards so I stamped "To" and "From" on the envelopes and let him address them.  So cute!

I found the mazes at Michaels and all the cardstock and scrapbook papers are from my stash.

I also whipped up a quick card for my husband.
My husband only listens to talk radio so he'll have no idea who the Lumineers are, but I love this song and thought the lyrics were appropriate for a heartfelt card.

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