December 19, 2012

some Christmas gifts

I've started in on my Christmas sewing to-do list but I'm so running out of time! I've already crossed a few things off my list but I think I've made more for myself than others.  I've already made three of these infinity scarves and I am addicted! They take about 10 minutes to make and if you're lucky enough to find a knit remnant at the fabric store they cost $2 or less. So I don't feel too bad I've made myself two scarves.  What? You want a sweet photo collage of me wearing my favorite scarf and trying to take a picture using my bathroom mirror? If you insist...

I am in love with this sparkly scarf. For about two seconds I considered giving it to my mother-in-law for Christmas but decided I couldn't part with it. It looks good long or doubled up. (See how I'm wearing both a scarf and a necklace? For me that's accessory overload.) They're so easy to make I'm going whip up some more. I'm also making some of these scarves for my nieces for Christmas. With the leftover knit fabric I want to make some coordinating t-shirt bracelets. What handmade Christmas gifts will you be giving?

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