September 27, 2012

Yoda costume

Since Halloween is a little over a month away, how about I share costume pictures from last Halloween? Yeah. I just realized I never blogged about the awesome Yoda costume I made for my Star Wars-loving son.

1) Jacket made from McCall's pattern (M6184).  I made the karate robe (view A) out of Osnaberg, but I did not use the extra facing  and left the edges raw so it would fray.
2) Hood from Butterick pattern (6695).  I used green fleece and made the tiger hood (view C) but made my own pattern for the Yoda ears. I used elastic thread in the bobbin to shirr some the forehead wrinkles.
3)  He wore brown pants and a brown shirt we already had.

4)  I made some stuffed Yoda hands and sewed them to a pair of cheap gloves.

The results were an adorable Yoda costume that garnered lots of compliments!

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