August 14, 2012

a quick & easy teacher gift

My son starts kindergarten tomorrow and this morning I dropped him off for his last day of daycare. At least I made it back to the car before I started crying. He's been attending the same daycare since he was 6 weeks old so we'll miss seeing the staff on a daily basis. I wanted to make a little something to thank the staff for taking such great care of our son over the past 5+ years. I came up with this:

Homemade cookies would have been a nice touch but I've worked the 6 days leading up the start of school so I just ran out of time. Fortunately the Keebler Elves came to my rescue and I purchased 3 packages of cookies on sale for $1.99 each. (And those Keebler Elves are pretty good little bakers.) Simply put the cookies in a cellophane bag ($1 for 2 bags at Dollar Tree). I had to cut 8 inches off the top of the bag because it was a little big. Tie with a ribbon and use a binder clip and attach a cute tag (printed fom my computer):

I also included a handmade thank you card.
It's not easy leaving your kid(s) everyday to go to work but knowing they're in good hands and being cared for and loved while you're away makes it a little better. Thank you to the wonderful daycare providers at Immanuel CDC! We will miss you!

(And fingers crossed that I make it through tomorrow without any major breakdowns!)

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