July 4, 2012

just three {July}

You would think doing a monthly blog post about your 3 quilting goals would be easy. I'm not quite sure what happened to the month of June but it flew by and I pretty much accomplished nothing. I think I forgot how busy summer gets--especially as my son get older and has more activities. (It's really hard to do any sewing whilst camping or sitting at the baseball field.) So you get a recap of my (lack of) progress on May's goals for Just Three @ traceyjay quilts.

For May:
  1. Make a quilt with my polka dot pinwheel blocks. I started putting my blocks together, but that's it.
  2. Sandwich, quilt and bind another quilt top that's been sitting in the pile for over a year. Um, no.
  3. Make at least one simple strip quilt top using fabrics from my stash. I'm making good on a goal to donate some blankets to Project Linus. I did finish this. It was a quick top to put together and looks so cute. And now it sits in my pile of unfinished quilt tops. :(
Blurry photo taken by my 5-year-old son.
June Goals:
  1. Finish my friend's stacked coins baby quilt. Her baby shower is this Saturday so I have to complete this one!  I worked on it a lot this week so I just have to finish the binding.
  2. Make my 8 quilt blocks for the Wish circle at do. Good Stitches. We are making postage stamp blocks from Rita's (Red Pepper Quilts) tutorial.
  3. Finish piecing my pinwheel blocks quilt top.
It's good to have goals but I try not to get too stressed out about them.  Even though I like to spend a lot of my free time sewing and quilting, it's good to have lots of family time, too.

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