June 17, 2012

string block pillowcase

I finished pillowcase #2 for Danny.  She needed 40 pillowcases for the young ladies that will be attending TRAC summer camp. For this pillowcase I used four of my string quilt blocks. I love how it turned out and I kinda don't want to give it away. But it's for a great cause and I hope the recipient loves it too.
I love string quilt blocks and am always amazed that strips of fabric that usually end up in the trash can be sewn together to make something so beautiful.  It's fun to looks at all the fabrics and remember the projects that resulted in the scraps.  I quilted the top with some cotton batting then washed and dried it so it has that crinkly quilt feel.  Love it!  (And it will look better covering the 20 inch pillow it's made for--the only pillow I had was 18 inches so it looks a little floppy.)

I used some green fabric from my stash for the back--and there's even a matching strip in one of the blocks on the front.
Even though this pillow would look great in my sewing room it will be packed up and mailed off this week.  (I'll just have to make another one for myself.)  Hopefully it brings a smile to the face of the young lady who ends up with it!

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