May 26, 2012

teacher gifts

My son "graduated" from pre-kindergarten last week. I used to think the whole pre-k graduation was kind of odd. Hats and diplomas to celebrate the normal progression from pre-K to kindergarten? Then I had a child and realized it's a big deal. He's gone to the same daycare since he was 6 weeks old so we'll miss everyone there.
 (Isn't he cute?)

I am so amazed at how much he learned this past year. Besides knowing the letters and writing his name, he can count to 100--is that even normal for a 5-year old? His teachers have been wonderful and I thought they deserved a special little gift.

There are so many great teacher gift ideas out there. I was inspired by this berry basket gift and this flower-themed gift. I purchased the flower pots at Target for $1. I added flower-themed Bath & Body Works products--a small shower gel and lotion and a hand sanitizer. They were on sale and cost about $7.50 per gift. (Mental note to stock up on the small sizes during their semi-annual sale when you can get the shower gel and lotion for $1 each.) I was going to print up a cute tag but ran short on time and just stamped a "thank you" tag. I clipped the tag to the flower pot with a binder clip tied with a cute ribbon. I also wrote a personalized thank you note on a cute piece of scrapbook paper.  They were a hit!

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