April 15, 2012

rainbow quilt

One of my three goals for April is complete!  My rainbow quilt:

It's The Road Trip Quilt from Cluck, Cluck, Sew.  I didn't make it for anybody in particular.  Most of the fabrics I had in my stash and I made the top over a year ago.  My plan is to use the fabrics I have in my enormous collection to make blankets to donate.  The only problem is after I spend so much time making quilts I fall in love with them and it's so hard to give them away--even though I know they would be appreciated and loved!  It's hard to tell, but I quilted it with randomly-spaced horizontal lines.

My favorite 5-year-old finally agreed to help me out by holding it for me so I could take a few pictures.  It's so nice he's tall enough now!  (It was a little windy.)

I use Red Pepper Quilts machine binding technique to bind this quilt.  I don't think I'll ever hand sew a binding again.  I did have a few problems.

Corners were a little troublesome.

Most of it turned out really nice, though, and it was so much faster than hand sewing the binding.

I think machine binding my quilts will increase the number of quilts I'm able to complete since that was always the most time-consuming part of the quilting process.  I'm not sure why I was so resistant to switch over to machine binding--I think it looks so professional!

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