February 8, 2012

a quilt pattern {by a 5 year old}

Excuse my absence from blogging.  Sometimes life gets so busy. . .

My son and I have the day off today (me from work and him from daycare).  I always love days off though I never get as much accomplished as I want to.  This morning he was very excited to show me the quilt pattern he made for me the day before.  I was a little surprised when he pulled this from his backpack.

At daycare yesterday he made me a pattern for the next quilt I make.  And he informed me if I don't have all the right colors of fabric we can go buy the right colors of fabric.  Now I am not anything close to a perfect mom.  I am impatient.  I raise my voice too much.  I get frustrated.  But there are two things I/we have done well.  
  1. I (or my husband) have read to my son every single day since he was very young.  Even when he didn't have any interest in being read to, we continued to read to him.  Even when he chewed on books and ripped pages, we continued to read to him.  Because of that he has a wonderful imagination and incredible vocabulary for a 5 year old.
  2. I have included my son in my crafting adventures.  We color and paint.  We sew and make cards.  He appreciates my handmade gifts and he understands the amount of love that goes into making them.  He always wants to be included in my crafty projects and that warms my heart.  (The down side of this is he wants to save every little thing I try to throw away because "maybe we can make something out of it.")
So I haven't quite figured out how to translate his pattern into an actual quilt, but I will.  (Though it probably won't be anytime soon.)  For now, his pattern will hang on the wall in my sewing room as a reminder of how lucky I am to be Mom to this sweet boy.


  1. What an awesome post, such a sweet story, my heart melted. I have a little boy (16 mo). I hope to get him involved in my sewing and baking, I got him a big art supply set and set up his own little craft center accross from mine, he's a little mover, so not that into sitting down for crafts, but I think it will come with age. p.s. good luck with your I-Spy swap, I am in the middle of hosting one (my first too) right now.

  2. Steph, have you ever seen where someone takes their scraps of the same color (all shapes and sizes) and just starts sewing them together which eventually becomes a piece of fabric that they use for a quilt? That's how I would make this pattern. It doesn't have to be a big quilt, it could be a wall hanging. I wish I could remember where I've seen this done. I would send you the link if I did.