December 31, 2011

Christmas signs

I didn't do a very good job of sharing the few Christmas projects I did complete.  My favorite project is the two new holiday signs I made:

Remember all those cabinet doors I bought?  I used two matching doors to make the signs.  I sanded them then painted them with spray paint (Rust-Oleum American accents Claret Wine).  It took about 5 coats to get the color I wanted and this is probably the first time I haven't painted the back of my project.  After the paint dried, I sanded the edges and added some stain to give it an aged look.  I purchased the vinyl sayings from JanDee Crafts on Etsy.  The hardware was leftover from my hutch makeover.  The hardware had been sitting in the garage for over a year, and I'm glad I saved it because the knobs were perfect for my signs.  I hung my signs on either side of the picture window in my living room.

Earlier this fall, I made another signs out of a piece of wood and a Cricut stencil:

I think I prefer the vinyl wording since it takes me forever to cut the stencil, get it to stick to the wood then paint it without messing the whole thing up.  

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