April 20, 2011

spring skirt

I am not above using a bed sheet as clothing. Sometimes the results can be kind of cute. I found this fun twin-size sheet at Goodwill and loved the applique detail at the top of the sheet. I thought it would look nice as the hem of a skirt. Too dark picture of skirt. . .

Too bright picture of skirt. . .

I really need to figure out how to take good photos.

I wanted my skirt about 24 inches long, so I cut a piece of sheet 48 inches and sewed it into a tube with right sides together. I then folded the sheet so the skirt had two layers (instant lining). I sewed a casing around the top and used 2 inch wide elastic. Only the inside layer needed hemming since everything else had a finished edge. I like the results and will be on the lookout for more cute sheets to turn into skirts. My only problem is I cut the elastic too short so the waistband is a little snug.

Asking your husband to help with the "photo shoot" will get you "artistic" pictures like this.

Almost 7 years of marriage and he still makes me laugh. (And he's not the least bit embarrassed that his wife is wearing a bed sheet.)

thrifted sheet: $2.99

elastic: $1.19

total: $4.18

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


  1. Love! I wish i could find bed sheets like this! I would totally wear them too! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  2. That skirt is fantastic. What a lovely sheet that was. I can't believe how nice your skirt turned out. Visiting from CSI.
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  3. WOW! Why can't I find gems like that at Goodwill?!?! LOVE IT!!

  4. Nice skirt, at a great price. Good job!

  5. Beautiful and great insight into what you can do with a sheet! I had a lovely sundress my daughter outgrew. Made a scalloped window valence out of it!

  6. Very cute! Try putting the light source behind you and taking pictures just as the sun has set.

  7. That skirt is beautfiul!!! I'm still too scared to sew my own clothes...maybe someday! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, following you now! :)

  8. Lovely! He definitely shouldn't be embarrassed you're wearing a bed sheet when you wear it so well. :)