January 18, 2011

baby blanket

I'm getting to that age where I don't have a lot of friends who are having babies. I guess that's because we're getting old. This past summer, I was very excited to hear one of my college friends was expecting and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 12/26. Yeah! A baby girl! Pink and flowers! (I have a son so I don't get a lot of opportunities to make cute baby girl stuff.) So I set out to make a blanket to welcome this sweet little baby, and the result? A very boyish little girl blanket.

There are flowers so I guess that makes it kind of girlie. I love how it turned out. My husband thought I should "just put a pink binding on it." I tried to explain that I couldn't just "put a pink binding on" something that has absolutely no pink in it. Especially when it has orange. He didn't understand. But baby's mom loved it (or at least pretended she did).

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