December 28, 2010

my favorite project of the year

This week's CSI Project theme is your favorite project of the year. Now that my son is almost 4 years old, I've been able to get back into crafting. (The willingness of a child to play independently is such a wonderful thing!) I had a number of craft fails in 2010, but I've also made several things that I've loved. If I have to choose just one favorite project, it would be my Goodwill dresser/hutch makeover I did back in October.

Before (but after sanding because I forgot to take real "before" photos):


I've always wanted to revamp a piece of furniture. I'm proud of myself for finally doing it and completing it in less than a week from start to finish (my husband needed his side of the garage back). I sanded it myself, painted it myself, and replaced the hardware myself. My husband did help me move it (it is heavy). He also primed it for me. I think he knew it was going to turn out awesome and wanted to be able to take credit for helping!

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