November 30, 2010

easy recycled gift bags

I tend to save anything that I can potentially use again--great for the environment but not so great for my storage situation.  I had a stack of brown paper wine bags like this--

Gather some acrylic paint, foam brushes, and foam stamps--

And stamp your bags--

Tie them shut with a cute ribbon and they can be used as a gift bag for a bottle of wine or other small gift.  You can reuse any paper bag or even a sheet of paper to make your own gift wrap.  This is a great project for kids, too.  My 3-year-old son stamped some gift tags while I was making my gift bags.  I must have been really happy with the results because each time he stamped a gift tag he would say, "Mom, don't you just LOVE it?  I just LOVE it!"  Glad my husband wasn't around to hear that!

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