June 25, 2010

patched up pants

I buy most of my son's clothes (and mine) at garage sales or the thrift store. Sometimes I forget to completely check over an item before I purchase it. I bought these almost-new jeans at a garage sale for $2. They have the adjustable waist that I like, but I didn't notice the worn out knees until I got home.

So with some leftover fabric from this outfit and some Heat-n-Bond, I made some cute little patches for the knees.
I used my sewing machine to stitch around the patches a few times. I did the wavy stitching on purpose because there was no way I could stitch in a straight line. I discovered the legs of toddler jeans are a very difficult area to sew.
I think I'll also iron some actual patch material on the inside over the really worn area for added durability. They should last long enough since he'll probably only wear them one season, and now he has some cute coordinating jeans for the applique t-shirt I put so much time into. Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea to coordinate tops and bottoms. And I'm loving the wavy, randomness of stitching these days. My home ec. teacher would probably wring her hands in despair, but I think it looks awesome.