November 3, 2009

polka dot morsbags

My latest ongoing project has been morsbags. I really dislike plastic shopping bags and have been using reusable fabric bags for a few years now. Morsbags are so easy to make. I usually use thrifted sheets (lots of fabric for a little money), and my most recent purchase was an adorable polka dot sheet from Goodwill (originally from Target). I was able to get seven cute morsbags from it--

Six of the bags have been shipped off to New York as part of a huge giveaway for Independent Retail Week. I will be giving the seventh bag away to one lucky person who comments on this post. To be entered to win, just leave a comment on this post sharing one environmentally friendly thing you do--like using reusable shopping bags. If you don't have a blog I can contact you through, please be sure to leave an e-mail address so I can let you know if you win. I will select one random winner from all comments posted by midnight CST on Tuesday, November 17 (one comment per person, please). Thanks for playing!


  1. They are very cute! I love thrifted sheets, but have not found many pretty ones lately...

    Something environmentally friendly: I ride my bicycle or skateboard in the spring, summer, and fall; I take public transit in the winter!

  2. Wow! To think 1 sheet can yeild such cuteness! I am off to the website now to get the pattern... then I will be of to my linen closet to dig for a sheet :o)

  3. Hi Steph! Thanks for contacting me threough my blog -- I'm glad you found me and had such good news! You can reach me at iswallowedthemoon at gmail dot com. Thank you!!