June 6, 2009

365 Cards Days 95, 96 & 98

I have three more cards to share for 365 Cards challenges. I really thought I was going to finish the whole week of challenges, but there two days I am stumped on. For Day 95 - Wacky Colors Wednesday: "Let's try BLUE, PINK, and ORANGE - try to stick with those colors as much as possible (that's the challenge part)."

The patterned paper is from a huge DCWV slab I got from my MIL for Christmas a few years back. It was one of the best gifts ever. The colors in this piece were perfect for the challenge.

For Day 96 - Fun With Fabric: "Any piece of fabric will do, except for fabric ribbon, buttons, or flowers. Of course you can add those things to your card, but they won't count as the fabric." I was excited when I saw this challenge because I have a huge fabric stash as my other favorite hobby is sewing.
I love this piece of fabric I got at a supply swap from Mari who makes wonderful handmade bags. I stamped the "Happy Birthday" on white fabric and put a little batting under it, so it looks like a little pillow. I iron fusible interfacing to the back of my fabrics so it's as easy as working with paper.

And finally, for Day 98 - It's an Anniversary!: "My husband and I are celebrating 11 years of wedded bliss today, so I want to see anniversary cards....with a catch (of course). Make the dominant color white -- what!? Oh yes, it can be done - it just requires simplicity." So, Happy Anniversary to Pam and her husband.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely cards! I especially like the Cute as a button one

  2. wow, Steph, you've done a GREAT job on these!! I love all of them!

  3. Lovely job on them all!

    hugs, Karen Lee

  4. steph, great job on all your challenge cards!!

  5. All three are fantastic and the cute as a button is my fav :D

  6. Such great stuff here! Nice job on all the challenges.