March 7, 2009

365 Cards--3 More Cards

I'm working frantically during naptime to make as many cards as I can. Here's three more cards for this week's challenges. I made this card for my mom for Mother's Day. It's based on the sketch for Day #1--

Here is my card for Day #4's ad-inspired challenge. I used the ad Kristie chose to make this card--

I also made a thank you card for the Day #5 challenge. This should have been easy, but I always try to make things more difficult than they should be! Here's what I finally ended up with which is a repeat of a design I have made several times before--

I'm going to attempt to finish the other two cards tonight, but it may not happen. I'm pretty pleased with my progress this week and the cards I've made. I don't know if I can keep this up for 51 more weeks, though!


  1. steph, each one of these is brilliant and just a treat to the eye! Keep pounding them out. you will be so happy you did, i promise! And you may just win that end of the month prize which is to die for!
    nice work!

  2. Great work, Steph! And I can totally related to squeezing in that important card making time during naptime ;)

  3. Super Cards Steph!! Love them!

  4. All 3 are great!! I'm also playing catch up so your not alone ;-) Looking forward to seeing others by you