July 2, 2008

Cloth Grocery Bags

Awhile back I made mysef some cloth grocery bags using a thrifted Goodwill sheet and this Morsbags tutorial. It makes a nice, flat bag (perfect for 12x12 scrapbook paper), and I absolutely love my bags. My goal is to make cloth grocery bags for Christmas gifts for practically everybody I know. I made up a sample bag using a vintage pillowcase from Goodwill (I can't believe that something that is 30 years young can be desribed as "vintage") and this Craftster tutorial. It uses a plastic grocery bag as a template for making a fabric bag.

I made the lining using some fabric from my stash.

I used a Target bag as my template, so the bag holds quite a bit (four boxes of cereal and a box of graham crackers). I really like the way it turned out, so it's time to go into fabric bag production!

1 comment:

  1. I love to use thrifted material. Sometimes you can find great vintage fabric in the second hand shop! I like the pillowcase you found.